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I Love Parfums

We are a family business that loves scents and essences of all kinds, so equivalent perfumes are our specialty.
This is what sets us apart from many similar perfumeries, because thanks to the experience gained over more than 10 years in essence mixing courses and perfume production in France, we were able to select quality laboratories and become distributors for the Czech Republic and other European countries.

Harmony of Natural Products

Our perfumes are made of high quality essence plant and alcohol, so they have a long life, an amazing scent and what will surely please you at great prices!

We would like to point out that the names and brands on this website are used only for descriptive purposes and to identify similar scents, not to imitate the brand.
Our equivalent perfumes are made in Europe, they are not counterfeits, but perfumes that faithfully reflect the most famous scent in a simple packaged and super quality that everyone can indulge in and which you will surely fall in love with just like us :)!


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